Welcome, I am here to help you transform your world from the inside…

Do you feel unhappy or unfulfilled, blocked by anxiety and worry? Are you having trouble in your current relationships? Do you struggle to maintain family harmony? We all go through difficult times! I know that therapy works wonders in healing us from our past issues and current roadblocks. I would be honored to help you work through your troubles, so please do not hesitate to set up a free consultation appointment.

I help individuals, couples and parents identify patterns preventing them from achieving their goals and fulfilling their purpose; changing is a choice we often resist when we keep hitting the same brick wall; relying instead on skills that just don’t work anymore, and maybe never did!

Together we can determine the roadblocks and work to get your life back on track. I help you focus and confront the hard questions — I provide a safe place to think, identify the issues, develop the new skills to grow and succeed!

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