Hi! My name is Patricia and I am here to help you TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE   Note: This is the only place on this website devoted to me and that is just to tell you a little bit about how I got here thinking I could help you. If you choose my practice to help you work through your roadblocks, trust it will be YOUR LIFE and YOUR GOALS we will establish and work on! I will not prejudge you or think I know better what your goals should be. We will work together! 

I have been helping people just like you sort through life’s issues for over twenty years. I have a passion and skill for helping people get their life back on track. In my line of work, I have seen and heard just about everything there is to see and I listen with a non-judgmental ear. I will challenge your thinking, beliefs, and reactions to your day to day while teaching you to respond thoughtfully to your current situation.

I help people become their best selves. I can help you get to the root of your problems so you can create the life that has been waiting for you! You may be thinking, “What does she know?  She’s probably one of those people who has never had a problem in her life.”  Let me assure you – this couldn’t be further from the truth. I re-created my life when I realized my actions and reactions to my day to day were not getting me to the life I always believed I would have! I’ve lived through problems with children and step-children, money, family, marriages, and more.  I came out the other side and realized that even with all the turmoil; I could find my best LIFE.

I know firsthand that therapy works wonders in healing us from our past issues and current roadblocks—I was a divorced mother, teaching public high school when I fell in love and married for the second time. It wasn’t long that I became aware that I was heading for a second divorce-something I had vowed I would not ever do again. This time I was blessed to have a husband who was open to seeking counseling. At the end of that journey, I quit teaching and became a therapist myself—I have sat on “the couch” and know the work involved! I would be honored to help you work through your troubles, so please do not hesitate to set up your free consultation appointment. Do not let your current circumstances keep you from believing the life you want to live is possible. Call me and let’s determine together what your next step will be to get you back on the right road to fulfilling your dreams!

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